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Sunday, January 15, 2012

* Nostalgic Sundays *

Time for Another Nostalgic Sunday

Memories and ideas (for my book) pop into my head quite often. And just as quickly as my mind attempts to grasp those thoughts and hang onto them, all too often they pop right out again, not even leaving a wisp of a reminiscence.

Because of those short-lived reflections, I try to have paper and pen everywhere. Two of the most recent scribbled notes have these words on them: Ball and Jacks, (and) Pop Beads. Oh my gosh, how I loved playing the game of Jacks, and creating jewelry with my Pop Beads!

Over the past couple of years I've thought about buying some Jacks, but the only ones I ever saw in stores were the huge, plastic ones.

Google/Ebay image

Nope. Don't like 'em. Gotta be more like I remember. So, eventually the Old Light-Bulb came on, I looked on Google and bought some from Amazon. And an extra benefit: I read many comments on the Amazon page from women of my generation who said they were great for hand eye coordination and improving motor skills.

Here's five of the jacks, the ball, and my palm. I actually got through Onesis last night!
How many of you played Jacks when you were little? And would you like to do it again?

* I know many of us are still having "issues" with trying to leave and respond to comments. It is quite annoying, but I decided I'm not going to make any changes on my blog, unless I absolutely HAVE to.

It seems that Maxine feels the same......

"Change is good as long as I don't have to do anything different." -- Maxine


  1. I played jacks. But I preferred spinning them on end, trying to get the whole set in motion at one time.

    In that photo, the ball looks suspiciously like a superball. I could be wrong, (says the woman who mistook a sewer vent for a Ming vase), but the old jacks balls were dull red, and then the coating started to crack, and they were gray in between the cracks. And didn't bounce very high at all.

    I also had Pop Beads. Hadn't thought of them in years. Times were so much simpler then. ;)

  2. I wasn't very co-ordinated as a child..so..jacks were beyond me.
    I still have a string of pop beads.

  3. Oh, I played jacks a great deal! I was pretty good, but bet I could not do them now. I also had pop beads.

    Ah, I hate change anymore...too much of it everyday it seems...and not enough of it in right places!

  4. Yse I played Jacks and was pretty good too. I still use Pop Beads with my students to make patterns.

  5. I remember playing jacks too. I haven't played them for years, but I do remember teaching my sons how to do it when they were young. Fun memories! :)

  6. No, I never played Jacks. They were before my time.

    Ha, ha. Just kidding. I loved them and I remember they made me feel quite confident 'cause I was pretty good at the game.

  7. Oh oh I did! I even bought some to teach my own little girl. She stayed entertained for a good while playing jacks. I still have hers. I will teach my grandaughter now. I just have to buy a ball. The grandsons lost it years ago.

    Hey I never thought of the hand eye coordination. Gee, I could have bought a ball instead of the keyboard I bought. Would have been cheaper too!~Ames

  8. Love the quote and sometimes wish it was as easy as that. sandie

  9. Never had the hand-eye coordination to do jacks. But those big plastified ones are excellent ways to exercise if you have planter's fasciitis--just pick 'em up with your toes. Saved me one summer.

  10. Ah, jacks! My sister and I used to play all the time (metal, not plastic). She always beat me, but I didn't mind. I just loved to play. Try Cracker Barrel. I've seen them there. :)

  11. Hi Becky! Catching up this morning on several months of your blog posts and breathing a big sigh of relief from the connection I feel to your memories and sensibilities. We are the same age and share much of the same nostalgia. I still have my old jacks and balls --metal jacks only. :) I still remember scraping my knuckles on the front stoop, scooping them up. Love your quotes at the ends of your posts. I got back to Que Sera Sera and sat here smiling. Wishing you a great day and week ahead. xo Toby

  12. Hi Becky. I used to love playing jacks when I was a little girl! I'm having the same problem as you with leaving comments, and it really is a right pain but, like you, I'm not going to alter anything on my blog, and just hope that it will all correct itself again!

  13. I like your jacks. How cool! THat takes me back, just like watching the series you pictured.

  14. Jacks was my favorite of all games. We used golf balls instead of those little red balls so we had time to do more outlandish tricks. We used to paint the balls with nail polish to make them our own.

    Such fun!

    We also used to jump double dutch in the schoolyard.


  15. Absolutely! Jacks were fun! I may have to take your suggestions and try doing it again.

    Critter Alley

  16. I think I have some jacks in my doll room! Can you come over and play? heehee! Enjoy your weekend...have some fun! ♥


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